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Friday, October 20, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer 10/12/2006 Mistrial granted in menopause-drug case against Wyeth: "Mistrial granted in menopause-drug case against WyethWithout explanation, a Pa. judge threw out the $1.5 million award to a woman who claimed two drugs caused her cancer.
By Sophia Pearson and Jef Feeley
Bloomberg News
Wyeth persuaded a Pennsylvania judge to throw out a $1.5 million award to a woman who claimed the drugmaker's menopause medicines caused her cancer.
Judge Norman Ackerman in Philadelphia declared a mistrial yesterday without explanation and discarded the Oct. 4 jury finding that Wyeth's Prempro and Premarin were a cause of Jennie Nelson's breast cancer. The jury last week set compensatory damages at $1.5 million, raising the possibility of punitive damages in a second phase."


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