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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Evelyn Pringle: Lawsuits Multiply For Johnson & Johnson�s Charite Spine Disc: "Lawsuits Multiply For Johnson & Johnson�s Charite Spine Disc
Evelyn Pringle

According to the Institute of Medicine, over a million Americans are severely injured each year by medical devices. In 2002 alone, the FDA received more than 111,000 reports of adverse events involving medical devices.
That number has increased since the Charite artificial spinal disc was approved for use in the US in October 2004. As of July 2006, there have been more than 130 serious adverse events reported to the FDA associated with its use.
Examples of the serious adverse events include: migration of the artificial disc resulting in either removal of the disc or maintaining the disc, both followed by fusion; pedicle fractures; subsidence or a settling of the disc into the bone; and nicking of an vein or artery.

Placitella comment:

Dozens of cases have already been filed. This litigation is being watched closely by consumer advocates and attorneys.


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